We stand for professionalism and perfectionism, with an individual approach to each and every project – from finding original, classic cars importing them mainly through the Atlantic from USA but also from Japan, Germany, Brasil and other parts of the world. We maintain all international standards and respect them while renovating the car and finally we provide beneficial and competitive terms of sale.
We carry out projects at the client’s request from A to Z or help at any stage of restoring the classics. Automotive industry is our passion and the love for classic and iconic cars has been in our hearts for years. Petrol flows in our veins and we devote as much time to each project as to the condition of the car required to become a beauty itself.


Our motto is: if you cannot do it perfectly, then it is better not to start at all. Each of our projects will be a dream come true not only for the client but also for us, through renovating cars in our Classic Cars Clinic we are able to breathe a new and better life into them.
One of the co-owners has been working in the world – famous automotive industry, on positions such as sales manager and general manager, for two decades which combined with the passion of both owners makes our offer extraordinary.




The company offers the following options:

  • searching for a specific car model abroad, bringing it to Poland and, if necessary, performing a refurbishment and/or repairing it at our Clinic – a workshop with 20 years of experience in the reconstruction of cars, wherein perfection is mixed with love and respect to the smallest parts
  • importing of a restored car, then verification of the quality of the renovation and possible adjustments in accordance with the highest standards
  • buying interesting classic cars with pictures documentation and history
  • assistance in shipping, duty, car registration at any stage
  • garage service
  • professional preparation for sale at international online or live auctions
  • car photography sessions
  • advice in choosing perfect garage for classic cars
  • assistance in buying insurance that meets the expectations of every owner of a classic car
  • negotiation of purchase/sale of rare cars from museums
  • attractive financing, on preferable terms, for vehicles purchased from us
  • delivering purchased car to the indicated address
  • classical rental for various occasions such as weddings, etc.

We approach to each offer individually and make every effort to meet the most demanding customer expectations.


We are entering times of electric, autonomous cars that are a bit deprived of soul. Classic cars fueled with petrol can become your ideal investment comparable to the rates of return on investment in attractive real estate or works of art. You will not find it in any bank. Look at the Ford Mustang from 1966 – even with the smallest six-cylinder engine. 5 years ago, such car costed about 40,000 PLN, now, as the number of well-preserved copies decrease – over 120,000 PLN.

Convinced? No? Ferrari 250 GTO from 1963 was sold at RM Sotheby’s auction for 52mln Euro! If you need more arguments, please contact us – we will help you choose your best investment.


Treat your chosen classic car as an investment.


Thanks to close cooperation, we offer you preferential conditions at:

Offering attractive financing, on preferable terms, for vehicles purchased from us - Klinika Finansow Marcin Blazejczyk, Warsaw, Poland

Ubezpieczenia klasycznych aut:

Insurance Agency TUiR Warta S.A.
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Classical rental for various occasions such as weddings, etc.

We invite to cooperate with companies importing parts for classic cars as well as companies specializing in car auctions and distribution channels to global markets.

We invite hobbyists and collectors interested in selling or exchanging information about the classics


Classic Cars Clinic Sp Z o.o.
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